We are two Argentinian teachers who are passionate about education. We have been living and teaching in Wellington for years, working in different educational institutions. We love our language and our culture, and we feel proud to guide our students in their discovery of Spain and Latin America.

photo of Dana

Cynthia González came to Aotearoa in 2009 after working for several years in the primary and adult education sector in Argentina. With a degree in language teaching, she has been guiding Wellingtonians through their Spanish learning for the past seven years.

Cynthia has also worked with migrant and refugee-background students across different primary and secondary schools in the Wellington region. Since the completion of her qualifications in Librarianship and Information Studies in 2016, she has been working as a secondary school librarian in Porirua.

In her free time, Cynthia enjoys taking dancing classes, snowboarding on Mt. Ruapehu and discovering the best cafes in town.

photo of Cynthia

Dana Guisasola is passionate about teaching and has been working in this field for more than 10 years. Having taught hundreds of students over this time, she has a clear understanding of how unique and individual each learner is.

Dana completed degrees in Spanish Linguistics and Literature and a Postgraduate Diploma in Spanish as a Second Language. She has recently finished her PhD in Spanish at Victoria University of Wellington. Her graduation will be in May 2021.

Dana is not only passionate about languages; she loves literature and good music. She is also an enthusiastic traveller who is always willing to gain a deeper understanding of other cultures.